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Dear Friends, 
Valentine’s Day is very special in our society.  It highlights our desire to share positive thoughts, warm feelings and love for the significant others in our lives.  Usually, through flowers, cards, candy and kisses these thoughts are shared.  Today, I wish to express how much I value, care and treasure the bonds we developed while growing up together at
VS North.  Have not seen most of you for many years. However, it does not make the desire to see you again burn less.  It would be awesome to stand together, hear the stories of our lives and to have a chance to say how much each of us has meant to each other in life’s journey. 
Not sure why only one day a year is designated for telling the people around us how important and loved they are.  Maybe 2018 should create a second Valentine’sDay.  The Class of '68 celebrates its 50th Reunion September 22, 2018.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have all our classmates together again one more time for hugs, kisses, laughs and memories?  
Please consider attending our reunion and soak up the warm, positive feelings we have for each other.  With this in mind, I am asking each of you to accept my Valentine’s Greeting.  (Cards, flowers, candy or kisses will be given in person on September 22, 2018.)
Make this reunion a great one.  I noticed at the 45th year reunion how much more it was than memories of yesterday. Each person attending was important and valued.  Spoke more to some classmates that weekend than I did with them throughout high school. It made me happy to see how much people have accomplished.  To hear how they had faced adversity
in their lives or to watch the joy in their faces as they shared their triumphs and accomplishments. 
Make your plans today to be with us. If you wish to extend your stay, make reservations at the Melville, L.I. Marriott and stay overnight.  The same hotel the Reunion is held in.  It
was great fun sitting at the bar late into the night together.  The breakfast the next day was another great opportunity to laugh and share. 
However, you can't get our special Class of '68 rate by merely calling the hotel.  You will need to visit our website at where you can conveniently contact the Melville Marriott to makeyour reservation online. I'll even make this easier for you!  Here is a direct link: Group Corporate TravelBooking Page     Do this today while rooms are still available.  We expect to sell out at our special rate! 
Whether you are traveling for the weekend or still living in the NYC area, I urge you to buy your tickets early for the Saturday night affair. You can conveniently charge the tickets on our website.  Tickets are only $125 per person.  Be aware of an early sign-up special price opportunity that exists if you sign up by February 28, 2018.  You can save $15.00 by making your reservations prior to March 1st.  After August 1 tickets will cost $140.  So why not order now???  Here is your direct link:  Valley Stream North 1968 - 50th Reunion
As you probably realize, planning our 50th Reunion can be really difficult UNLESS we have a good feel in advance for how many people will be attending.  So PLEASE buy your tickets EARLY so that our advanced planning (and cash flow!) can provide the best possible experience for everyone!!
“The Incredible Website”
Have you had a chance to visit our wonderful website?: The website has so much information for you. You’ll see who has already signed up!  You’ll see the Schedule of Events for the entire weekend.  There is also a brand new organized activity to sign up for: Golf.  Sign up for the events that you wish to attend.  You can do that under the "RSVP" tab shown on the left sign of the home page.
A special website page is dedicated to the memories of all of our classmates who are no longer with us. Called “Memorials,” it shows photographs of our beautiful classmates that had such a wonderful impact on our childhoods. You are encouraged to write a tribute to any of them.
While on the website, be sure to check out your class Contacts and Reunion Committees.  We are working for you but can still use your help.  If you can offer skills, talent or resources, please let us know.  Also, check out the list of classmates who we are having trouble finding.  If you have contact information for anyone on the list, please let us know.
We are using the latest location websites but sometimes they are not accurate or up to date.  Please help us if you can!
Finally, not sure how to tell someone what they may have meant to another person?  We all go through life thinking about the things we find important.  I can only speak for myself.  The class of '68 was like an extended family to me.  Like a family, its members shaped my life, molded my values and helped me become the person I am.  A person with strengths and weaknesses.  A person who has learned in life to value the contributions of those around me more than I value my own.  I love the opportunity to lay eyes on my brothers and sisters from '68.  To see your smiles, to listen to your voices and to soak in your presence at least one more time.  Make it happen.  With my final wish, would you please “Be My Valentine” on the September 21st weekend? 
Please make our reunion special by attending! 
Love, Your friend and classmate,
Planning Committee
Chairwoman:               Sheila Brayman Borgese     
Vice Chairwoman:          Sharyn Mirsky Levine      
Treasurer:                             Rich Bentley               
FinanceAdvisor:                    Larry Bloom               
DatabaseManager:            Myra Hilfer Cohen         


To My Dear North High Friends and Classmates,

I found Steve Evan's message to be tender, sentimental. and memory-provoking.  I still remember our visit to North when we were 6th graders in Willow Road School.  Yikes, the hallways and students were gigantic!  It was exciting yet intimidating to think we'd be attending North the next September...with having lockers, changing classrooms for each subject, having so many teachers and so many more students than we were used to.  And then, there we were... the more time that passed, the closer our friendships became, the more we were enamored by some teachers and annoyed by others, and the more we became aware of the world around us.  Together we enjoyed the British Invasion aand dealt with the intense shock of President Kennedy's, Martin Luther King's and Robert Kennedy's assassination. We counted the days of fearing the Viet Nam War, and grew into young adults in the era of 'sex, drugs, and rock and roll.' 

Many had wonderful families, being raised in happy, healthy households.  Some had dysfunctional families with tumultuous, unsupervised, scary childhood problems.  We didn't talk much about what went on behind the closed doors of our homes.  In the sisterhood of our mostly Long Island to East Coast GGTs (Girls Get Togethers), we have created the opportunities to learn about each other; as we are now and as we were 'then.'  Stories of our lives in the '60s have been sweet, sad and some, surprising.
Whatever we went through, whether you had one friend in North. a group of friends, were a 'clique' member, or stuck with neighborhood kids, it is indisputable that we did it TOGETHER.
Yesterday, with the shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, I found a special poignancy in Steve's message.  I am grateful that I grew up when, where and with whom I did.  Yet, I lost  innocence because of world events.  Today, children and teachers go off to school with a fear, a nervousness caused by renegade mentally ill individuals.  The depth of my gratitude for being a 'flower child' of the Sixties is beyond measure.  Now I am incredibly worried about my grandchildren's safety.  
There has been discussion of a possible gift that our Class of 1968 could make to North to commemorate our 50th Reunion.  I am going to explore options with North's administration so that we can make a positive difference helping to safeguard its students and teachers.  I will report back to you.

Meantime, whether we were close friends or hardly friends, please know,

'"There are places I remember
All my life though some have changed
Some forever not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall
Some are dead and some are liv
In my life I've loved them all."

With Love, Sheila