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The School Building
I remember riding my bike between the pillars before the rooms were built in the front of the school.
Last Post: Aug 29th 2008
Author: RichieA
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Building "Maya"
Building our Homecoming float, Maya, in our Senior Year left me with wonderful memories. "Tanking up' on coffee from the machine, freezing, making a million crepe paper 'flowers,' all feels like...
Last Post: Aug 12th 2008
Author: sbbink
# of posts: 2
after school sports
I remember watching my then boyfriend Ed Beddow and the track team run around the third floor of the building.....
Last Post: Aug 8th 2008
Author: lindaflores
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President Kennedy
Gathering in Mr. Artzt's room after learning of President Kennedy's death. He was my favorite teacher!
Last Post: Aug 7th 2008
Author: WillowR
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