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La Stella's
I remember sharing a meatball hero and listening to Blue Cheer's Summertime Blues on the jukebox. Much better food and atmosphere than the cafeteria. It was always hard to go back to school after...
Last Post: Aug 31st 2018
Author: flounse
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The School Building
I remember riding my bike between the pillars before the rooms were built in the front of the school.
Last Post: Aug 29th 2008
Author: RichieA
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Building "Maya"
Building our Homecoming float, Maya, in our Senior Year left me with wonderful memories. "Tanking up' on coffee from the machine, freezing, making a million crepe paper 'flowers,' all feels like...
Last Post: Aug 12th 2008
Author: sbbink
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after school sports
I remember watching my then boyfriend Ed Beddow and the track team run around the third floor of the building.....
Last Post: Aug 8th 2008
Author: lindaflores
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President Kennedy
Gathering in Mr. Artzt's room after learning of President Kennedy's death. He was my favorite teacher!
Last Post: Aug 7th 2008
Author: WillowR
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