This is the place to 
  • offer feedback for planning our 50th Reunion Weekend
  • ask if you need a ride to the Melville Marriott
  • ask if you need a ride to VS North on Saturday
  • find a roommate to share a hotel room
  • leave messages to connect with Classmates
  • voice your comments about anything

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Which songs would you like the DJ to play at our Reunion?
Bring back that 'groovy' feeling by hearing OUR music. What 5 songs would make you feel 12 - 18 years old again?
Last Post: May 8th 2018
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Need help with logistics? Hotel room? Local transportation?
Last Post: Aug 25th 2018
# of Topics: 2
Reunion Ideas
This is a forum where you can make any suggestions for the Reunion.
Last Post: Jan 29th 2018
# of Topics: 3
Remember When
Have any special memories from when we were kids ? Share them on this board.
Last Post: Aug 31st 2018
# of Topics: 5
What Have You Been Up To
Tell everyone what you've been doing for the last few years.
Last Post: No Posts Yet
# of Topics: 0
Any topic at all...
Last Post: May 8th 2018
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