Group photo

45th Reunion Reception 09-28-13 - Taken by photographer


45th Reunion - Friday Night Gathering 09-27-13 -

Playing "Who am I?" was never so much fun!
Our Atrium Lounge area in the Melville Marriott was perfect.

45th Reunion - Saturday Breakfast, VSN Tour, Softball Game, Impromptu Lunch 09-28-13

Meeting for breakfast at 9am seemed impossible... but we did it!  (Many of us were up til the wee hours the night before.)  Then it was onto our Alma Mater for a 10:30am Tour.  A re-enactment of 'smoking in the girls' room' and walking through the (old) Detention Hall were sources of much laughter!  The Softball Game players and spectators enjoyed the beautiful weather...but most of all... enjoyed being together.  A spur of the moment lunch at The Lantern diner brought back memories.

45th Reunion Reception 09-28-13 - Taken by Classmates

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45th Reunion - Sunday Breakfast 09-29-13

After a very late night on Saturday, we guessed there might be 15 people at 9am breakfast on Sunday.  So many couldn't tear ourselves away from each other and we grew to 28 people!  It was almost comical to watch the staff add tables to tables so we could all sit together.  What a GREAT time!  We all vowed to be at the 50th Reunion.
Marcy, Leib, Jill Ford, Barbara Klein

Our 30th birthday John Peele Room

Back row, Aileen Gould, Jeanne Lutz,Judy Hartman Greco, Barbara Rosenwasser Rocker,Barbara Klein ,Front row, Sharyn Mirs

Reconnecting Friendships after the 40th Reunion...


40th Reunion Weekend Casual Get Together 09-12-08